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Global Digest has a section on Environment|Conservation|Endangered Species.
Also, there is a separate page on 'Fracking' - Hydraulic Fracturing.

General Geoscience Resources for Students and Teachers
Origin of Moon || Geology of Mars || Microbes || Metals || Mineralogy

Ocean/Marine Life || Oceanography || The Great Ocean Conveyer Belt

Earth Systems || Seawater - Measuring Waves || Plate Tectonics || Volcanoes
Earthquakes || Paleontology || The Cambrian Explosion || Kingdoms of Life

Three Domains (Superkingdoms) Of Living Organisms

Water Documentaries || Nature & Environment || Biomes || Coral Reefs

The Devonian Explosion || Evolution of Plants || Flowering Plants

Ecosystems || Forests || Trees || Moss - Lichen || Soil

Fungal Web -- Mycorrhizal Network
on Science Page

Water & Agriculture || Hydrology || Rivers || Wetlands

Atmosphere || || Climate Change

Crystals || Radiometric Dating

There is an additional section on Ocean/Marine Life on the Biology page.

The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt

Google image search results for "volcano"
Each image is associated with a webpage or site.

There is a separate page on Water Documentaries that may be more up to date.

There is a separate page on The Bottled Water Industry.

Home Conservation Resources || Climate Change

Evolution of Plants | Flowering Plants

Mother Knows Best: How Seeds Recognize the Seasons | December 15, 2014 - University of York
"Scientists at the University of York have played a key role in new research into the way ‘mother' plants
use their memory of the seasons to teach their seeds the most advantageous time to germinate."

What is the largest flower in the world? | Library of Congress

The World's Smallest Fruit | Wayne's Word

The Science/Biology page has a section on Plants and the Coevolution of Insects and Plants.

For more resources, on the Science Page is a section on Ecosysytems/Biomes.

Resources and information on Fungal Web -- Mycorrhizal Network can be found on the Science/Biology page.

Cyanobacteria || Ozone, Ozone Layer

Google Image search results for "la nina variable polar jet stream."

Effects of Climate Change on Forests and of Deforestation on Climate

There is a section above on Forests and another on Ecosystems.

Performing a Google Image search on deforestation will return many images, each connected to a web site.

Performing a Google Image search on climate change oceans will return a multitude of images,
each associated with a web page.

404: The above booklet is no longer available as of January 29, 2017.
Initially, performing a search from the home page for climate change returned a blank sheet blocking the web page,
but now (as of January 31) it returns general information on Education and Research.

Global Digest has a section on: Countries | Cultures | MAPS.

Performing a Google Image search on world map will return maps leading to websites.

Climate Change

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